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Tablets. Still Just Scratching the Surface.

June 26, 2012

How the world of tablets has changed since the last blog post that I dedicated to the iPad 2 over a year ago… wait, actually nothing much has changed at all.

The new iPad came out. Meh. The only place I need retinas is in my eye balls.
The only place I like ice cream sandwiches is in my fat hands.
The only surface I plan to spend time on is my coffee table, where I usually eat dinner and use my iPad 2.

Yep, I’m still on the trusty iPad 2, and I can’t think of a single reason why I’d ‘upgrade’ it.

I use it for email and calendar.
I use it to access a couple of corporate apps (via Citrix).
I use it for taking documents to meetings (rather than printing).
I use it for taking notes, occasionally. With a bluetooth keyboard if I have to.
I use it for casual couch surfing.
I use it for drawing.
I use it for playing around with music.
And I occasionally play a game or too.

That’s it.

Or another way to look at it is; wow, that’s a bloody lot!
Not bad for a superceded iPad model, eh? 😉

So I wonder – why would anyone buy a new iPad (iPad 3) if they already had an iPad 2?
Why would anyone buy a new iPad if they could buy an iPad 2 for much cheaper?

I also wonder – if an iPad 2 can do all of that, why would you spend similar or more money on an Android tablet?
Is there something I’m missing?

Apple’s hardware is top notch. I could spend top dollar on a Samsung doozy that’s at best on par with Apple sexiness in terms of hardware… but I’m stuck with an OS that has been shoehorned into it by the manufacturer. An OS that is backed by a smaller App store than Apple and plagued with all sorts of bugs and performance issues, not to mention some inherently malicious developers.

Sure, Apple has its share of bugs and other issues. But by comparison it is rock solid.

As of last week, we got a new entrant into the tablet world. Microsoft. Well, they re-entered after virtually inventing the industry then failing miserably at it in the early 2000’s.

Pricing and even specifications are yet to be released, but we all know this – it’s going to have to be dirt cheap or outright brilliant to knock Apple and Google off their #1 and #2 spots. Probably both.

Microsoft have stepped on the toes of their tablet-manufacturing hardware partners with this news and sent the tablet world into a bit of a tailspin.

Are they going to deliver or is this just a ploy to draw attention to their soon to be released Windows 8 operating system?

Time will tell, my gadget-obsessed, fidgety friends. Time will tell.

All I know is that I see absolutely nothing in the horizon that will displace my iPad 2 from it’s place in my life for now.

How about you?


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  1. I’ve had problems with Apple with my account being hacked in the past few months and it really got me annoyed.

    I will gladly trade my iPad for the Microsoft Surface tablet, but not because I am such a huge fan of Microsoft, more for the enjoyment of having a tablet with a PROPER operating system that I can actually do something on rather than using it to play stupid games on and swiping across the screen because there’s nothing to do on it and I was bored. I really haven’t found much use for my iPad and really hoped that it would take over my old laptop to do things such as word processing and browsing the web, but it felt like the word apps aren’t that great and require you to hook up your iPad to your PC to get the files off, and browsing the internet wasn’t that great. I ended up just using my iPad as a secondary monitor for my laptop…

    This is just my opinion though. I’m sure that many people have found a good use for the iPad, but it won’t ever be a replacement for a PC with a full operating system which the new Windows 8 tablets will have.

    • It’s been well understood in the tech world for some time now that tablets, namely iPads, are fantastic for consuming information but are not designed for creating it.

      No one should ever consider an iPad to be a replacement for a laptop. I’m not sure where people got this idea. No one ever suggested it was a device you could or should use for Word processing.

      Apple make a MacBook Air for those who want a mix of mobility, battery-life and computing power.
      And for those Apple-adverse, Samsung make a fantastic competitor:

      Microsoft Surface, with full blown Internet Explorer and Office 15, may well be the answer for some but if my use case for needing a tablet was to use Office to produce documents and to do intense Internet browsing, in my mind it’s the wrong tool for the job…

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